• Writing Prompt 10, 2019

    Mysterious phenomena occur at night, in a narrow historic street in France. The houses come to life. Think of a reason why.

  • Writing Prompt 9, 2019

    A young girl finds a giant snail in the wildflower meadows near her home. Adults want to kill the snail.  The girl goes on a quest to hide the snail and to convince the people to leave it alone.

  • Writing Prompt 8, 2019

    A ghost train rides the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Who’s in it and why? Will they find eternal peace?

  • Writing Prompt 7, 2019

    An endless waterfall holds a secret treasure in a cave underneath. A group of young adventurers go on a mission to retrieve it.

  • Writing Prompt 6, 2019

    A ten-year-old girl walks along a rail track, alone and forlorn. Why? And where is she going?

  • Writing Prompt 5, 2019

    An air balloon goes adrift. At long last, the three people on board put it on the ground. But they don't know where they are and what adventure lies ahead. What happens next?

  • Writing Prompt 4, 2019

    A stairway unfolds at the night sky, coming down from Heaven. Where? Why? How? What will people do?

  • Writing Prompt 3, 2019

    A girl has an extraordinary gift, she can speak with the trees. She discovers what no one has ever known. The existence of planet Earth depends on how and when she will share this knowledge.

  • Writing Prompt 2, 2019

    Admiring a sunset, a man witnesses the appearance of a dark fire ring around the sun. He’s drawn into the ring of fire. Describe what happens next.

  • Writing Prompt 1, 2019


    A stray cat and an owl strike up a friendship.  Write about their adventures.


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