• Writing Prompt 20, 2019

    You're walking on a beach and a weird object washes ashore. You go on a quest to find out what it is and where it's from.

  • Writing Prompt 19, 2019

    An office worker finds a blank envelope. The message inside confuses and horrifies her. 

  • Writing Prompt 18, 2019

    A group of friends discover a hidden treasure in a cave. When they try to remove it, an evil entity awakens. What happens next?

  • Writing Prompt 17, 2019

    A key leads to an apartment with the number 2727.  Something happened in there. What? Why? Who? When?

  • Writing Prompt 16, 2019

    Among the ruins of a medieval castle live fairies from an ancient world. Plans to restore the castle to its former glory threaten the fairies and their lives. Will they win the battle against the human invasion?

  • Writing Prompt 15, 2019

    One day, a young violinist plays a romantic piece, and an angel appears. The angel helps her to fulfill her greatest wish, to find true love.

  • Writing Prompt 14, 2019

    A ghostly girl appears on her tombstone night after night. She sits there crying. Why? What happened to her? Who can or will help her?  Will she finally find peace?

  • Writing Prompt 13, 2019

    Whales and dolphins gather and choose a boy to help combat climate change, and to save the oceans. How does he accomplish this tremendous task?

  • Writing Prompt 12, 2019

    When a UFO crashes down on Earth, a giant alien crawls out. What happens next?

  • Writing Prompt 11, 2019

    A boy gets lost and has to spend the night at a castle ruin. He discovers a doorway to another era. Describe what happens to him and how his parents organize a search to find him.

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