Frombook2movie started with a dream. The dream of a man in India. His name is Yogesh Bhatt.

A poet and a motivator with a background in cricket, coaching the young, inspiring sportspeople of his country with a recently completed sports manual. Governmental sports organizations will also implement this manual in India and on a global scale. 

Yogesh Bhatt had a dream to one day make his mark in the Bollywood film industry and beyond.




How we started

In 2015, Yogesh contacted Patricia Shannon , a published author in New Zealand. They embarked on writing a novel together.

And they set out to help fellow writers. After a while, people from all over the world contacted us and at the end of 2016, we made a change. It was then that Frombook2movie became the main company offering worldwide services, with Rapid India LCC Services as a coordinating company in India.



Within a few months, we signed agreements with a producer in the UK and a movie ratings consultant in the USA, to collaborate with us. To provide professional services to those who wish to make a career from writing, have their work adapted to a screenplay, require a USA movie rating, or to those who enjoy writing but would love to get some advice, anyway. The local team in India also expanded.

Frombook2movie signed up authors from the UK, the USA, and India. We have screenplays on offer and we work hard to get support and funding for those screenplays to turn into a movie. 

We made it happen!


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